Secondary - vocational education at MUA prepares specialists in the following areas:
• Economics and accounting (by industry);
• Marketing (by industry);
• Computer systems and complexes (by industry);
• Software for computer technology and automated systems
• Design (computer graphic)

Admission Rules:
A person with basic general education, secondary general education (based on grades 9-11) is admitted to the college (STR) of the MUA.
1. On the basis of 9th grade, the term of study is 2 years 10 months,
2. On the basis of 11th grade - 1 year 10 months.
3. On the basis of the 9th grade, during the first year, students are trained according to the program of 10-11 classes and the English language is additionally studied .;
4. On the basis of 11th grade, applicants pass an exam that determines the level of knowledge of the English language. Successfully passing the exam will be enrolled in a 2-year college; those who fail will be determined for the preparatory course of the MIA;
5. 2-3 courses are taught according to the college curriculum in English;
6. According to the curriculum of the college, second and third-year students undergo practical training: educational, familiarization, production and qualification; write 2 term papers;
7. After the successful passing of theoretical disciplines and state exams, a diploma of secondary vocational education of the State standard is issued;
8. A college graduate with a diploma in his field may enter the second year of a bachelor's degree, a college graduate has the right to take ORT. In case of successful completion of ORT, he may enroll in another specialty, while being credited to the 1-year course.

  List of documents for admission:
- passport or birth certificate;
- a document on basic general, secondary general education (original);
- medical certificate in the form of No. 086 / U with an x-ray photograph;
- military ID or registration certificate;
- 1st tuition fee 30% of the total contract value;

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