Our Tasks

To update annually the fundamental professional educational program, taking into account the development of science, culture, economics, engineering, technology and the social sphere.
- achievement of strategic goals - the result of the implementation of programs in the main field of activity.
- improving the educational-methodological and technological support of the educational process based on the achievements of science and production;
- Introduction of a system for monitoring the quality of the educational process;
- optimization of the list of innovative educational programs, taking into account the needs of society;
- as a quality and competence of the teaching staff;
- the availability of sufficient resources for all educational educational programs, monitoring the effectiveness of their use;
- in informing the public about the results of their activities, plans, innovations.
- to form their own socio-cultural environment;
- create the conditions necessary for the full development of the personality;
- assistance in the development of the socio-educational component of the educational process, including the development of student self-government, student participation in public organizations, sports and creative clubs, scientific student societies.
- development of specific measures and the use in training young people in the field of knowledge, skills in the chosen specialty;
- preservation and use of the material and technical base, improvement of the equipment of classrooms, laboratories, educational and auxiliary facilities;