The program Design is focused on the study of the basics of design.

Design is a figurative projection of what is not yet, and there was neither in nature
nor in culture, but what could have arisen, happen, be built, made in the course of purposeful human activity. In different spheres of human activity this term is understood in different ways. It includes both the way the product looks and the design process itself - the manufacturing process, which leads to the final result.
The artistic design of many things requires the ability to draw, draw, simulate and mock. It is also necessary to know the theoretical foundations of drawing, color
science, composition, the basics of arts and crafts, and modeling. The content of the sections of the program makes it possible to acquaint students with various
areas of the designers work, with labor objects; develop the ability to use the acquired knowledge and skills in solving specific problems.
The relevance of this program. The modern social order for education is conditioned by the tasks of art education of students, which are put forward in the
concept of modernization of education. It emphasizes the importance of art education, the use of cognitive and educational opportunities of artistic and
aesthetic objects, forming creative abilities in students, a sense of beauty, aesthetic taste, morality.