About the specialty: The task of students during their studies - is to learn the skills of selling and promoting goods and services from producers to consumers. They learn to organize the movement of goods using the methods of logistics, provide transport services and handling, conclude contracts, make purchases, establish sales channels, collect information of the market of goods and services, forecast and form demand.

What does a marketer do?

It explores the market, determines the pricing policy, shapes the product mix, creates consumer loyalty to the brand, chooses ways to sell goods, organizes advertising and PR campaigns and develops marketing strategies.

The mission - is the study of best practices, the formation and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of human resource management and marketing.

The goal - is the preparation of qualified initiative, highly motivated, focused on intensive qualitative work of specialists in the field of human resources management and marketing.

Branches of the specialty:

• Organization and management of sales

• Organization and management of the logistics service

• Marketing and market analysis

• Management of relations with partners and contractors

• Logistics

• Financial management of sales, forwarding

Training program:

  • Fundamentals of management
  • Economy
  • Marketing research »,
  • "Pricing"
  • "Policies for distribution and marketing of products"
  • "Marketing communications", "
  • "Strategic marketing", "
  • "Organization of marketing services".

Students practice:

During the period of study, students of the specialty "Marketing" will undergo compulsory educational and two production (on the profile of specialty and pre-diploma) practice.