Computer Systems and Complexes

About the specialty: The technician on computer systems performs the development and production of software and hardware systems, exploits and conducts maintenance of computer systems, is engaged in technical support and configuration of both the system as a whole and its individual elements, provides the process of information protection in software systems of computer systems. It installs and configures peripheral equipment, designs digital devices, conducts maintenance and repair of computer  systems and complexes, develops schemes of computer systems.

Mission: To teach our students modern computer knowledge that emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects.
Purpose: To provide our students with the necessary computer skills that will enable them to find work around the world
Relevance of training
Every year the speed of development of electronic technology is growing, and, undoubtedly, the results of progress in this field will surpass all our expectations. Therefore, intelligent and ambitious young people are getting education in the field of computer technology. Personal qualities of a specialist in computer systems, ensuring the success of professional work:

  • organization and responsibility;
  • a pronounced interest in technical innovations and an inclination to work with technology;
  • a pronounced tendency to work with information;
  • Care and accuracy;
  • Logical abilities;
  • mathematical abilities;
  • emotional stability;
  • the desire for self-education;
  • Knowledge of English.

Practice of students
During training students of specialty Computer systems and systems required to actually .. read and discover, production, qualification, should practice.