Themed decorations from College Design students

December 25, 2023

Putting knowledge into practice is a key factor in students' learning, which not only deepens their understanding of the subject, but also develops skills needed in the real world. Practical experience becomes a bridge between the classroom and the real world, making education more valuable and applicable in the future careers of students. The 3rd year students of the Design Department of the IT & Business College confirm these statements with their creative works. 

On New Year’s Eve, design students created themed decorations on the walls of college classrooms. Each decoration reflects a specific subject, for example, Russian language and literature, Chemistry, Geography, English, Mathematics, etc.

Within the framework of the Color Science subject, we were faced with the task of decorating the walls under the theme of subjects. To turn our ideas into reality, we used tools such as Illustrator and Figma. We also selected suitable colors to match each other. The whole process took about two months. During the performance of such creative work, we faced difficulties such as choosing colors and organizing decorations. But thanks to the advice and help of our lecturers, we were able to run these challenges. We worked in a team where we performed certain tasks. In one of the classrooms, a decoration made of nails and threads with the motivational inscription “Open your mind” was created so that students could be inspired every day at the sight of such an expression. This project contributed to the development of design skills, which we will use in our future profession, and taught us how to work in a team and listen to the opinions of others. We would like to thank the lecturers for their support and advice!” - the students of the Design department noted. 

We wish future designers a lot of new ideas and success in their implementation!