Tour at the company "ololo"

Group on business ethics. In which Abdykadyrova Aizhan or Kanaeva Ailin are members.
On May 24, 2022, we conducted a tour at the company "ololo"

"Ololo" is a network of coworking spaces ololo is a platform for work, dating and leisure for the creative class. As a co-working space, they take care of all the office work, allowing residents to focus on important projects.
The tour was attended by 10 students,
The manager gave us a tour of Ololo, a very unusual design, they have creativity in every detail.
Also in the city there are 5 branches, they are all different from each other in design, which is very unique and unusual

ololo is a future city for digital nomads in the making.
So far we have launched:
🌀 ololo co-working network, including two facilities in Issyk-Kul.
Liberterra is a development company.
🌀John Galt is a business accelerator whose mission is to build a startup ecosystem in the Kyrgyz Republic.
🌀 event agency ololoEvents
🌀digital agency ololoMedia.
More details about us at this link
ololo is a way of life, we do not divide time into work and personal, we live every moment and enjoy what we do.