Tour report

Tour report

May 11 we visited consulting company “Nextgeneration”. This company helps students to choose university in Europe and enter the university. In addition, they help students who already entered university to find a good side job. Now they help more than 100 students to enter university in Europe. For now, they help to enter only European universities, but soon they want to open new ways to enter university in other countries. For example, next year they want to negotiate with universities in Korea.

When we came to them, a sales representative Kamalidinova Aelina met us. After that, we met main marketer and one of the creators of this company Kubat Asanbaev. He tell us about happiness, his stories about life in other countries and how his company became successful.

Happiness can be said look like pizza and consist of six parts. It was very interesting to listen about it.

He tell us that he was studied in Poland; also, he was in America and other countries in Europe. In addition, in Poland he already start some mini business like headphone and car rental. He said that we need rest while we are young because when we will get older we will not have time to rest with friends.

The beginning of the company was in 2019 or 2020. It was very difficult to find universities that will cooperate with new company. However, Kubat Asanbaev and his partner continued to believe in their successes. At the beginning, they invested the last money in the company. It was about 500$.